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show me your interested about BLOG! if you dont like my BLOG, so why don't you just leave it? i won't bite you neither i don't care bout it DEAR! i'm annoying, funny a bit but the most JIWENG MODE in my blood. imma be like DATUK SITI NURHALIZA one day! so pray for me. otey bai dear visitors. FOLLOW -ME!◕‿◕

i LOVE him :)

had knowed him from my beloved friend, Along @ Hanizh.... Still LOVING him till now cos he's a part from my LIFE :) He's looks like MM ZUL from the 'MARI MENARI' programme.. but he wasn't recognize bout it... very humble and always pretending happy eventhough his heart is bloody missing me....... that's the reason i want to keep my relationship with HIM until FOREVER that I want to :)

daaa :)

NINA ,muahhx xoxo

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